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We have partnered with Yubi Co., Ltd as an exclusive and strategic partner and owner of Beauty Legend EMS brand gaining 30+ years experienced in Japanese skincare salon and cosmetics products production

Beauty Legend EMS

Japanese Cosmetic products
with high-quality Natural Ingredients

BEFORE GOING OUT ( 2 times/day, everyday: morning & night): No.1, 2, 3, 4

AT HOME - GEL PACK MASK (1 time/day, everyday at night): No.1, 2, 3, 5

How to use Beauty Legend - Gel Pack (1).

AT HOME - WHITE PACK MASK (1 time/day, 3 times/week, at night): No.6

We always value your feedback!

Mrs.Fujimoto Shizue

1940, 79 years old

 I have used Beauty Legend EMS for 10+ years. Honestly, it is hard to believe I can rejuvenate my skin and maintain it until more than 10 years later. I first knew Beauty Legend EMS via a friend who had been a loyal customer of Beauty Legend and decided to use almost all of Skin Lotion, Milky Lotion, Lipo Cream, UV Cream, Gel Pack. Of course, I have also combined with the Beauty Legend Salon's skincare service. My skin becomes smooth, full, shiny; wrinkles are hard to form. I think my skin is improving as you can see today. The whole set is rich in nutrients. In particular, Lipo Cream seems to be most suitable for me.
Now my friend is old, so she no longer goes to Spa Beauty Legend but I really appreciate her and of course Beauty Legend!
 I hope the Beauty Legend EMS keep high quality as before and help nice women even more beautiful! "

Mrs. Yuka

1976, 43 years old

To a woman, I think having a truly beautiful skin is one of the most important things. I understand how hard and uncomfortable to go out with a natural skin without make-up. But I think it is only a trouble of an unhealthy facial skin. I have used Beauty Legend EMS for about 26 years: Skin Lotion, Milky Lotion, UV cream (Angel Veil).
My rough skin has become smooth.
As price is not high, I want to continue buying Beauty Legend EMS.