Our team has been trained well by an expert who has experienced in skincare know-how and cosmetic production for 32+ years in Japan.

  • We are confident in the staffs who are knowledgeable, well-trained, and highly skilled at skincare area via on-the-job-training in Japan. In addition, they keep learning new techniques under the guidance of an thirty two-year experienced specialist in the field of skincare and cosmetics production in Japan, who has taken care of over 8,000 customers coming from many countries. 



We have positioned the price at the medium rank in the high-class cosmetic segment.

At the consumer price about 500USD, you can enjoy a FULL COMBO of 6 high-quality, high-class ranked products generating over 10 effects to get all your skin related concerns resolved. Moreover, as an outstanding promotion, we have offered at least 3 gifts for the combo (about 150USD) and/or seasonal discount schemes which will be announced on the website. Follow us!

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These features are considered as our best plus.

  • We focus on quality in all areas. The skincare related techniques, facilities, customer service are built to satisfy your needs based on Japanese standards. Moreover, Beauty Legend EMS products are rich in natural ingredients extracted from medical flowers, seeds, leaves, roots, seaweed, fruits, oil; collagen, fullerene, co-enzym, EGF, ect. So they are gentle, safe and generates many effects on various kinds of the skins. 



When purchasing Beauty Legend EMS products, you can get promotional Spa service.

We shall offer a spa voucher at special price to any customer who bought full combo of Beauty Legend cosmetic products. After owning our products, you will be supported to experience skincare treatments in our spa at a very hot price for getting double effects from cosmetic products and massage, therapy executed by our therapists and machines. When purchasing Beauty Legend Cosmetic Products, you can use our Spa at a promotional price to save time, costs and enjoy more benefits.


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