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We are confident in our high-quality core team.

  • We have built in-house and outsourcing native teams who are strong not only with linguistic proficiency and industrial knowledge, but also soft skills such as interpersonal and communication skills.​

  • Our teams of qualified professionals all have University degrees and experience in working with multi-national organizations in America, Japan and Vietnam.​

  • They have built comprehensive networks in the Vietnamese and Japanese markets, which is our strongest advantage.

  • They are passionate about helping your business expand and grow and highly result-oriented and responsible.

Go Team


Believe us! We definitely offer high-quality service at a reasonable price.

Our goal is to always offer high-quality, on-time delivery at a competitive price. Therefore, we have a flexible and reasonable price structure based on the size of your projects. We also offer special discounts for our satisfied and loyal customers who come back for more services. We value our customers.



We do not only always carry out a strict process for Quality Assurance. We do it everytime.

We have built a close connection and collaboration among local linguists and native proof readers as well as editors. A multi-layer process has been conducted to ensure the final output that qualifies for your standards:


1) Project analysis


2) Core translated by qualified Translator A


3) Proof read by Reviewer B 


4) Get feedback from Customer


5) Special case: Edited by Reviewer B or Reviewer C (according to customer's request)

Process 3.png


Let us support to resolve your concerns after sales by taking responsive actions. 

We are not satisfied with our work until our customers are.  Our aim is to provide you with high-quality services to help your business grow.  If any concerns should arise, before or after delivery of our services, we will always do our best to resolve it.


We appreciate all feedback from our customers.  We are a company that values growth and open communication and we will always strive to do our best to meet your diversified needs.

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