No.4: Angel Veil - UV Cream 25g

No.4: Angel Veil - UV Cream 25g

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3 IN 1: UV cream +anti-oxidant Fullerene+ Make-up cream

Angel Veil is a product that creates a veil to protect your skin from various factors such as stress, sunshine (UV light), smoke, dust, and air pollution.  

The main ingredient is Fullerene, a very strong anti-oxidant (173 times stronger than vitamin C). It suppresses the formation of spots and freckles and exerts a whitening effect.  Moreover, the anti-aging ingredient EGF (external growth factor) promotes metabolism and skin rejuvenation making skin fresh and new.



1) Protects the skin from UV light

2) Protects the skin from aging due to external and internal factors such as dust, smoke, stress etc.

3) Promotes skin rejuvenation and healing

4) Moisturizing