No.1: Skin Lotion 120ml

No.1: Skin Lotion 120ml

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Skin Lotion - Give your skin a fundamental coating!

Like your body, it is important to provide your skin with moisture and nutrition every day. When the skin is dehydrated it will feel dry, tight and it can easily crack.  Skin Lotion is supplemented with moisture as well as nutritional ingredients to give your skin the most essential nourishments for a healthy skin. In addition, it penetrates deep into the skin and moisturizes it. Thus, Skin Lotion is the first step in your home care regime.


The main ingredients in Skin Lotion are EGF (external growth factor) and water-soluble collagen. EGF helps in regenerating the skin and protects your skin from aging. Water-soluble collagen reduces the appearance of wrinkles and provides firmness and strength to the skin.



1) Reduce acne and helps acne skin heal faster


2) Tighten the pores and increase firmness


3) Youthful, plump and smoother skin with more glow


4) Moisturizing, helps prevent dehydration that can cause wrinkles